What Is a Phishing Attack?

What is a phishing attack and how can you prepare your organisation against the growing threat? In this article…



Riela are proud to be sponsoring CYBERISLE 2022, the Isle of Man’s National Cyber Security Conference taking place on the 19th of October.

Burgers & Beers eClub Social

Summer eClub Riela Isle of Man

BURGERS & BEERS eCLUB SOCIAL August 11th 2022 On Thursday the 11th of August, Riela Cyber and Riela Tech were pleased to host the eClub Social of the Summer, Burgers and Beers! In true summer style, the sun made an appearance and we were able to enjoy our food and drink in the outdoor space […]

5 Small Business Cyber Security Myths You Must Avoid

small busienss cyber security

5 Small Business Cyber Security Myths You Must Avoid Cyber security is a crucial part of every business. However, it can also be a very confusing topic to navigate, particularly for small businesses that are short on both time and resources. While we know that cyber security is important to large organisations, there are various […]

Why Small Businesses Need an Incident Response Strategy

small business cyber security

Why Small businesses Need an Incident Response Strategy You know how you feel pretty safe driving around in your car? On the occasion, accidents can happen, but it is unlikely it will happen to you, right? Well, that’s exactly how a lot of small businesses feel about their cyber security. They think it won’t happen […]