UNMASKING ROMANCE FRAUD protecting your heart and your money! In a world fuelled by digital connections, the search for love has shifted to the online world. While the internet has opened new possibilities for finding companionship, it has also unfortunately given rise to a darker side – romance fraud. This form of deception preys on […]


GUARDING SMILES AND SECURITY lESSONS FROM A LOCAL DENTAL SURGERY HACK In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, healthcare professionals find themselves facing unprecedented challenges. A recent dental surgery hack targeting a local dental practice on the Isle of Man serves as a chilling reminder that even seemingly isolated sectors are not immune […]

7 Layers of Cyber Security

7 layers of cyber security

7 layers of cyber security Cyber security in 2024 is constantly changing and evolving. Businesses and individuals alike are becoming more in-tune to their personal cyber risk and responsibility, but unfortunately, criminals are keeping up with these changing attitudes. New technology, malware types and attack trends mean that applying the correct cyber security layers are […]


Digital Isle 2023 Riela Cyber

On Thursday the 23rd of November, Riela’s Director, Christian Goelz will be participating on the ‘Key Cyber Security Trends’ panel at Digital Isle 2023.


The Riela Group will be attending and exhibiting METSTRADE 2023, from the 15th to the 17th of November, in Amsterdam at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre.

Unified Requirements E26 & E27: What, Why & When?

The International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) have announced two new cyber security regulations: Unified Requirements (URs) E26 and E27. This will apply to all classed vessels launched from 2024.