The Riela Cyber Assessments enable transparency, visibility and insight into your online estate. Before creating a bespoke plan, it is important to have a snapshot of your current security posture, enabling us to provide you with the services you need and nothing more. 

the first step in discovering your cyber security posture


The Riela Cyber Risk Assessment service provides you with an evaluation of the possibility of a threat or vulnerability existing within your operations. A risk assessment is the first step before any other actions as it gives your business access to the information required to make informed security decisions.


Penetration Testing as a service can be provided, alongside a risk assessment. Together, these tests enable a maximum insight into your existing security measures and controls. The Riela Cyber pen testing service is conducted in a fully controlled environment, as to not disrupt your services.


Once you have been made aware of your high cyber security posture, it is time to share this with your clients. By engaging in a certified cyber assessment, your business should benefit from increased credibility, alongside several additional benefits dependent on the specific certification. 

At Riela Cyber we offer the nationally recognised cyber security qualifications Cyber Essentials and IASME Governance. If you are unsure which assessment best meets your business requirements, a member of our team will be happy to talk you through the process.

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