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Last October, Josh Kingett represented Riela Cyber at the Island-wide virtual event: CyberIsle 2020. The event enabled local experts to share their cyber knowledge and security tips in a series of short YouTube videos, produced with an intention to improve the Isle of Man’s level of cyber resilience.

It is hoped that in the five months which have passed since CyberIsle 2020, the information shared has been adopted by the Manx public and local businesses. However, if this has not been the case yet, it is important to remember that it is never too late to hold yourself accountable to a higher standard of cyber security.

In our short 15 minute video, Josh discusses the impact of cyber security for local businesses. Specifically, action YOUR business needs to take in order to become more cyber secure. The above video covers the following content to help break down what cyber practices are applicable to you, including:

  • Minimum cyber security standards every business should be following
  • An employee fault case study
  • Cyber Security tips for employees
  • An executive fault case study
  • Cyber practices for Directors and Executives

If you would like to know more about our cyber security packages, contact one of the team via

Share this CyberIsle 2020 video to help improve the cyber resilience of the Isle of Man:

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