Halloween Cyber Security:
5 Tricks to remember

As the end of October brings the cold autumn nights, spooky creatures and ghoulish tales, it also draws National Cyber Security Month to a close. Despite Halloween being a seasonal trend that allows us to educate ourselves about the spooky threats of
the internet, cyber security is an issue businesses and individuals alike face all year round.

To help you combat this threat, we have gathered some Halloween cyber security themed tips and tricks to keep you cyber secure.

1. Your Personal Information Needs a Costume

Pumpkin Halloween

Just like the trick-or-treaters at your door this Halloween, your personal information also needs a costume. Dress it up and add layers with MFA, regular software patching, data encryption and strong password security.

For more information on password security, check out our guide here.

2. Never Click on Links From Clowns


As a part of social engineering, an attacker disguises themselves and deceives you into making mistakes or exposing sensitive data. Don’t fall into the clown trap. Always take a moment to check the credibility of the source when you receive an urgent, high-pressure message.

For more information on social engineering and how to avoid attacks, view our guide here.

3. Remember to Clear Out the Cobwebs


To keep out uninvited guests this Halloween, make sure to regularly patch your software and hardware.

4. It’s Easier Than Witchcraft


Don’t fall under the spell of believing that cyber protection is hard to achieve, starting with the basics is easier than you may think. Educating your first line of defence (your employees) is a great place to start. 

4. Halloween May Be Spooky but Cyber Security Shouldn’t Be

Spooky Pumpkin

Like October 31st itself, cyber criminals are always full of spine-chilling surprises. We hope our tips will keep you ahead of any cyber-scares and keep you safe this Halloween.

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