security operations centre (SOC) services

Cyber attacks are increasing globally. Without Security Operations Centre (SOC)

services in place, these can be impossible to detect. 

in fact, research by the university of maryland suggests that hackers attack every 39 seconds.


The Riela Cyber SOC services are built to identify, detect, and respond to all cyber threats posed to your business. Our cyber security operations centre is staffed by fully qualified cyber specialists providing our clients with holistic defences, in depth and breadth. We provide a wide range of services focussed around the three key stages of security:


When securing your operations, prevention is the first step in data protection. At Riela Cyber we can prevent data breaches and cyber attacks from occurring using various techniques, including but not limited to network monitoring, threat intelligence and staff security training.


The Riela Cyber Engineers are dedicated to protecting your data. As such, the team will be actively hunting for threats which could pose a risk and reacting to them before they have time to make an impact. 


On a regular basis, reports and audits will be conducted to measure your cyber vulnerabilities. This allows for active detection of threats and minor changes to be monitored over time, leading us to the detection of further threats and activity which would otherwise be missed. 

industry specific

At Riela Cyber, we want to build a SOC service which is specific to what you require. Click on the below buttons for examples of how we can assist you. 

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