superyacht cyber security -

how to train your crew

multiple dates & times

Join us for a workshop aimed to help you know ‘how to train your crew’ on cyber security. Thanks to the popularity of our first two sessions, we have now arranged multiple dates and times to book a seat on the workshop. 

The workshop is available to all crew and your host, Matthew Roberts, will showcasing how you can construct your own personalised cyber security training program onboard your own yacht.

Each event is limited to a maximum of 8 attendees, to ensure high quality of information and engagement from those attending whose valuable questions and comments can be discussed. The aim of hosting a workshop with limited numbers means we can allow crew to hear from each other and discuss their own experiences and points of view. 

This free workshop aims to raise cyber security awareness within the superyacht industry and educate crew on how to improve their current cyber security stance and advance the development of cyber security training programs onboard superyachts.

During this 20 minute workshop, Matthew Roberts will cover a range of relevant topics, including:

  1. What cyber security training methods are available?
  2. How to know which training methods are best for you and your vessel?
  3. Do accreditations or certificates matter? e.g. if a course is accredited by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)
  4. How to conduct effective cyber security drills onboard