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Cyber Essentials is a government-backed certification, established in 2014. The scheme was built to improve the level of cyber security held by businesses across the UK by recognising and holding services accountable to a high standard of information security. As the first nationally recognised cyber security badge, it is becoming the cornerstone in client acquisition.

What Is assessed?

Working with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the certification helps businesses by assessing performance against the five technical control themes:


Fundamental Security Control Firewalls Graphic

Malware Protection

Cyber Essentials Malware Protection

User Access Control

Secure Configuration

Cyber Essentials Secure Configuration

Patch Management

Cyber Essentials Patch Management

Although these themes may seem simple, it can be surprising how often cyber attacks will occur at the fault of these threats. Which in retrospect could have been easily prevented.

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the benefits of cyber essentials:

Although these technical control themes may seem simple, they account for around 80% of all cyber attacks. Alongside reducing your cyber vulnerability, carrying your badge entitles your business to several additional benefits:

Cyber essentials for law firms to reduce cyber risk
0 %
of cyber attacks are accounted for by the 5 technical controls

Alongside reducing your cyber vulnerability, carrying your badge entitles your business to several additional benefits:

1. Reputable Status

Most noticeably, being certified will allow customers to recognise your business as reputable and trusted with digital information and sensitive data. With an increasing number of organisations becoming certified, Cyber Essentials is becoming fundamental to remain competitive.


For businesses who want to win certain government contracts, Cyber Essentials is fundamental in accordance to the following Government regulations:

3. Cyber Liability Insurance

After becoming certified, you will automatically be entitled to cyber liability insurance if you:

  • Are domiciled in the UK
  • Achieve certification through the IASME Consortium or one of their approved certification providers (that’s us!)
  • Have an annual turnover below £20m

4. insight into your infrastructure

Understandably, most management will not carry an in-depth understanding of their cyber infrastructure.

By certifying your business, a greater insight into security systems and controls will be gained. This knowledge will not only prepare Directors and Managers for future decisions in security but also allow for a greater company-wide cyber security understanding.

5. a gateway to further accreditation

If you strive to achieve a Cyber Essentials Plus certification, you must have also passed Cyber Essentials. As Cyber Essentials Plus takes longer to achieve, it is important to start Cyber Essentials as soon as possible.

In our next cyber blog we will be breaking down the steps required to achieve this certification.

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