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Cyber attacks have become more focused, ambitious and precise than ever before. They are one of the most dangerous threats to your business… silent, malicious and costly.

This is a cause for concern all around but particularly for those who are unprepared.

In fact, a recent report has found that it took an astounding average of 280 days for organisations to identify and contain a data breach.

IBM Security, Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020

Cyber breaches can be catastrophic, irrespective of business size, but even more so if you don’t realise they are happening.

This is why, above anything, Riela Cyber prioritise identifying and efficiently reacting to alerts before they ever have the opportunity to make an impact.

top-tier performance in any business starts with it’s staff. Cyber security is not any different.

How can you expect your external operations to be secure if the internal foundations, your staff, are not?

Riela Cyber is proud to be the only CybSafe partner on the Isle of Man. Using psychological, evidence-based, behaviour-change training, we are able to provide your business with methods of implementing real cyber security change within your operations.

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