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One of the biggest causes of cyber security incidents is human error, for example, poor password security. By simply focussing on tick-box exercises, traditional training does not target human behaviour to reduce error.

This is why our cyber security training moves beyond traditional methods. Using personalised, scientifically-proven nudges, reminders and support, our program works to build your first level of cyber risk defence and response through your people. 

We can provide training for your network administrators, staff and stakeholders to help ensure that the risks are minimised.

Bespoke cyber awareness training can be created and distributed to your organisation via the platform Kahoot! to increase engagement and learning.


We are proud to partner with CybSafe, an intelligent, GCHQ and CIISec accredited cloud-based cyber security training platform. These facilities utilise innovative training and phishing simulations by focusing on the Awareness, Behaviour and Culture of the people in your organisation.

It’s a data-driven human cyber risk management platform exclusively focused on making your people an asset to your cyber resilience strategy. CybSafe provides security teams and decision makers the tools they need to manage and reduce their cyber risk more effectively.

Our CybSafe product offering also includes:

Behaviour Change
Targeted Behaviour Change geared towards users, administrators and decision makers, runs automatically and continuously and is measured and reported on.
Learning Modules
Accredited Training
Hyper-personalised, Accredited Training & Education to either complement or replace your existing training, focusing on the security skills that will help keep your people and your organisation safe.
Learning Modules
Immediate Action
Virtual Cyber Assistance enabling users to get advice on what immediate action they should take if they are involved in a cyber related incident or have a cyber security concern, at home and in the workplace.
Learning Modules
Social Intelligence
Intelligent Social Engineering Simulations across multiple vectors to help you see why someone engaged with a phishing email, USB attack and more so you can address the root cause of the behaviour. Sentiment Analysis is used and powered by intelligent cognitive computing to identify what people think and feel about security and give additional focus to your security activities.
Learning Modules
Forward Thinking
Security Culture Assessments will be taken, providing recommendations to leaders and decision makers on how to foster a people-centric security strategy and predict future cyber behaviour.
Learning Modules

Included with the CybSafe cyber security training platform is a tool designed to reduce the threat posed by phishing. Not only does the CybSafe platform allow you to set up phishing simulations, but it also uses the ‘influencing elements’ of an email, as defined by psychology and behavioural science research, genuine insight can be determined why users react to certain types of phishing email in the way that they do. This is a fundamentally different approach to that taken by any other phishing simulation tool as it provides meaningful cyber risk data which can ultimately help to reduce the risk posed by phishing attacks. Find out more about intelligent phishing here.

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our cybsafe guru

“Partnering with CybSafe allows us to focus on our core services and solutions provided by our Security Operations Centre. Our team of cyber security experts implement comprehensive and complex tools bespoke to our clients needs. Providing training in-house would have detracted from our focus and the quality of service to our clients. CybSafe delivers our clients the best in class cyber security awareness training that is far beyond the ‘tick-box’ mentality of the majority of platforms and courses in the market. The real value of CybSafe are the added tools which comes with ‘All Hubs’. My favourite of which is the phishing simulations. Designed to reinforce learning when the user is least expecting it.”

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