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In its 10th year, the Yachting, Aftersales and Refit Experience (YARE) 2020 were successful in going 100% digital. The event consisted of two days discussing all relevant aspects of yachting, with attendance from Captains and Companies from all over the world.

Although elements of an in-person event were greatly missed, YARE 2020 was special in the way that it managed simple global connection despite the circumstances. At Riela Cyber, we attended both days of YARE 2020, represented by Matthew Roberts and alongside our sister company, Riela Yachts.

Our event highlight was the opportunity to speak at the superyacht cyber security workshop. With Matthew Roberts on the panel, we explained how cyber security is influencing the yachting industry, with particular focus on both the technological and human aspects of cyber security.

This focus comes in relation to the new cyber security requirements which International Maritime Organization (IMO) have recently announced. These new guidelines are said to have changed the game for cyber security in yachting. Sign up to our newsletter below to discover how you can better adapt to these superyacht cyber security changes.

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